Returned Merchandise

If any Zyno Medical Z-800 family Infusion Pump fails to perform properly as described per the Instruction for Use Manual and the cause cannot be readily determined and rectified, immediately discontinue the use of the affected device.

Additional information or assistance may be obtained by calling Zyno Medical directly at (508) 650-2008.

Product complaints, or adverse incidents should also be reported to the Zyno Medical Quality Assurance Department.

With each complaint, please include the pump serial number and a full description of the difficulty encountered, including all settings, types of fluids, times, and alarm messages. Also return the administration set used, if possible.

Contact the Zyno Medical Customer Service Department to obtain an RMA number prior to returning any device to Zyno Medical headquarters. Please fill out, submit and include a printed version the RMA form below with the returned item(s).

All RMA products are shipped directly to:
Zyno Medical
177 Pine Street,
Natick, MA 01760

You may also contact Zyno Medical directly at:
(508) 650-2008 or (866) 395-1988.

Returned Materials Authorization