Oncology Care Infusion Solutions

ZynoFlo Z-800WF Infusion Pump


floating_pump (WF)_no glareIntelligent Infusion Pump for Oncology Care

  • Connect information from medication dispense, infusion pump, and EMR
  • Simplify with automatic capture of EMR documentation
  • Enhance the accuracy of billing with detailed records of infusions
  • Standardize infusion parameters across an organization
  • Help reduce errors with Patient specific information at the point-of-care
  • Create more time with the patient from workflow enhancements.



  • Easy to use navigation and programming
  • Customizable workflow mode menus
  • Straight-line IV set for easier and faster set-up



  • Aluminum construction and metal door handle
  • Built to handle high use environments
  • Durable construction reducesĀ  repair costs



  • Patient information provided at point-of-care on pump
  • Safe starting points with pre-populate infusion parameters
  • Automatically send start and stop times to EMR