Ambulatory Infusion System

Nimbus Webshot-01

The Zyno Medical Nimbus™ Ambulatory Infusion System combines a simple user interface and reliable technology to create an innovative device for Continuous rate and PCA infusions.

This easy to program, accurate and single use ambulatory pump is a cost effective solution to meet your patient populations changing needs.

Nimbus™ Ambulatory Pump

Cost Effective

  • Low cost ambulatory pump
  • Limited use device no batteries to purchase
  • Single use cassette and administration set
  • No prefilled cassettes to purchase
  • Pump recycling program

Simple, Safe, Reliable

  • Fluid delivery accuracy of +/- 5%
  • Easy to load cassette
  • Single function buttons to avoid errors
  • Upstream occlusion alarm
  • Downstream occlusion alarm
  • Anti-free flow design
  • Small and light weight form factor

Nimbus™ Continuous Mode:

Ease of Use

  • Simple single button rate and volume changes and start confirmation
  • Easy to program key lockout function
  • Information button to verify volume infused

Nimbus™ PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) Mode:

Ease of Use

  • Easy to identify single press Bolus button
  • Limited one Bolus per hour lockout
  • Simple to program PCA function

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